November 2nd Election

Wyoming Community In Action (WCIA) is a non-partisan community organization. We seek to work with all leaders of any political affiliation who share our commitment to a diverse and inclusive community. WCIA is committed to building a Wyoming community where the residents and children of every race have an equitable opportunity to thrive. To create a community where all residents can thrive in our school system, we must be able to identify and address obstacles that prevent any child from fully participating or accessing opportunities.

To help the community be informed voters we invited all candidates to respond to questions that were important to WCIA’s commitment to the community. Only 4 of the 7 BOE candidates (Michael Evans, Kara Broderick, Justin Buckner, and Heather Yee) responded to our invitation and were open and direct about their support for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

However, you can only vote for 3 of the 4.

Kara, Justin and Heather have demonstrated their commitment to valuing the diversity of our students and community and listening to our voices. They recognize and understand the importance of evaluating and identifying the gaps and barriers impacting student access to opportunities and their success. They are transparent, authentic leaders that are data-driven with the experience to make the tough decisions for our children.

It is for those reasons Wyoming Community In Action supports Kara Broderick, Justin Buckner, and Heather Yee for Wyoming City School Board.

Your vote is critical, as we are deciding on the people who will be making the decisions that truly impact the lives of our students.

Your voice is important! Make your voice heard through your vote.

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