City Council Q2

City Council Questionnaire

Question Two

Only one third of survey respondents of all backgrounds feel that all residents are treated equally in Wyoming. If elected to City Council what would you do to ensure Wyoming is a community where all residents are respected and treated equally?

Daniel Driehaus

As the youngest of eight children, I admire my parents for many aspects of my upbringing. They were (and are) truly egalitarian. Never has one of their children felt greater/lesser than the other. This seems straightforward when discussing children, but we have also adopted this vantagepoint in areas where we participate in employment and public life. When servicing in public office, ensuring that residents are respected equally is fundamental. If you feel perspectives are not included, we should “seek out” the underrepresented voices. Our City Manager (Rusty Herzog) is notorious for going door-to-door to discuss projects with affected residents. I admire his work in communicating directly with our residents. Programming for our common spaces should reflect the diverse interests of our community. I am confident our communication and programing for all residents will be egalitarian in nature. With regard to public policy, we are proactive in seeking input from underrepresented groups. This behavior will only be enhanced in the future.

Grant Hoffman

No Response

Melissa Monich

As an individual and member of Council, I can role model respectful and inclusive behavior and build relationships.

Elena Pavel

It is important to understand the reasons of the perceived inequality of treatment. In that regard, communication and transparency are key and my focus would be to make sure the City implements and maintains a public consultation system that enables capturing and considering all perspectives. I would be the City Council member that is unbiased by political affiliation, treats people equally, and does not discriminate, while always seeking solutions to benefit everyone.

Cindy Peebles

Council and the city will work most effectively having many options and significant feedback from our residents. This will ensure the outcomes of our efforts satisfy the most people living and visiting our city. I am committed to working with the city and the council members to engage our residents regularly.

April Robles

This is very important to me. All residents should be treated with respect and treated equally. I believe there are two parts to this answer. One is empowering residents to speak up when inequity is happening. I think I can do a better job of asking residents how they are and what concerns they have. I think just asking can help others feel they are heard. I believe that being treated equally has a strong correlation to the feeling of belonging in the community.

Jodi Woffington

My first step would be to understand who is feeling lack of respect/unequal treatment and by whom. Seek first to understand the problem before jumping to solutions. I refer back to the previous answer – having forums for many voices to share concerns, ideas and suggestions is the first step in ensuring equal treatment for all. I also think we need to create an environment where people of all backgrounds can congregate, create connections and open dialogue. We have a real opportunity with the programing for the new Village Green to foster that type of community connection to better understand one another.

Chris Woodside

I start by embodying respect for everyone and I believe that all residents of Wyoming are equal under the law. I am eager to understand the experiences of those who are not feeling that respect. From that understanding, we can explore and craft solutions for improvement.

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