City Council Q3

City Council Questionnaire

Question Three

What will be your top focus on City Council and how have your background, experience and skills prepared you to create change in your focus area?

Daniel Driehaus

I am obsessed with pedestrian safety and a thriving business district. Two roles that prepared me and continue to inform me for this aspect of public policy are my roles as the past Chair of The Cincinnati Planning Commission and current board role at SORTA/Metro. We adopted almost two dozen revised neighborhood plans that served as the guiding documents for enhanced density in the 52 neighborhood of The City of Cincinnati. Traffic calming measures have been adopted at an inordinately high rate in Cincinnati. Neighborhood business districts are greatly enhanced over the past decade. Wyoming shares this strong desire to created highly walkable areas with a vital business district. My current role on SORTA board provides for enhanced funding road improvements, pedestrian safety and many more miles of sidewalks in our County. We have received 50% matching funds via SORTA for key roads and sidewalks in Wyoming. This was the intent of our community’s Yes vote on Issue 7. The flow of those funds will continue with strong planning, lead by the tremendous employees of Wyoming. We have also adopted a tracking measure for minority spend at SORTA. To date in 2023, we have increased our diversity spend by $7.9 Million. This increase is twice as high as 2022.

Grant Hoffman

No Response

Melissa Monich

Sorry, I have three top focus areas! I will continue to deliver the Wyoming 2018 10 year Master Plan. I will work to solve day to day problems for our neighbors here in Wyoming. And, I will do everything I can to support our amazing Wyoming City employees.

I have served as Mayor over the past two years. I enjoy both the day to day work of the City and long-term planning. I am retired from a 34-year career at Procter & Gamble in research & development. I served as a Vice President leading R&D for global business units. I led large, global projects and developed long-term business strategies. I also led the work in R&D to improve the retention and advancement of women, and was recognized for the significant improvements over a 15 year period.

Elena Pavel

My top focus will be modernization – to keep up with the latest technology and strategy trends (e.g. digitalization; cybersecurity; smart city). Keeping up with the newest trends will ensure Wyoming’s position as a safe community to live in and best educate our children. I’ve been fortunate to have lived and worked in many cities and cultures around the world. I have also worked with many organizations that had a strong involvement in the community, such as universities, museums, county parks, and local government. My experience and economics background (Ph.D. in Economics) give me a unique perspective and I would like to apply that to better our city and grow Wyoming together.

Cindy Peebles

I have a finance and business background, so I will work best on finance matters and city/economic planning.

April Robles

My top areas to focus on includes:
1) Support projects that are fiscally responsible and make improvements to the safety and infrastructure of the city.
2) Ensure the recommendations from the City of Wyoming, Mayor’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force are enacted.
3) Ensure the safety of our residents by reviewing and improving code and code enforcement on multi-family homes.

I’ve learned and observed a lot while serving as a Member of the City Council. This opportunity has been used to hone my skills in leadership, organization, fundraising and community/relationship building.

Jodi Woffington

1. Economic Development – we must continue to support local businesses, attract new businesses to our community and attract patrons to support those businesses.
2. Our roads and sidewalks demand attention- we need a strategic and fiscal plan for managing this urgently needed investment.
3. Fostering Community Connection- We are a diverse community with different backgrounds and perspectives. We need to continue to build collaboratives spaces and foster connective conversations to strengthen our community.

I have spent nearly 25 years leading businesses and organizations which include managing the P&L’s for financial success and developing strategic plans with measurable results to ensure business success. I’ve also worked collaboratively with different departments, companies, and geographies globally to achieve common goals. The skills I’ve built in my professional career are directly transferable to delivering the priorities Wyoming needs to continue to evolve and grow.

Chris Woodside

My primary focus is ensuring that Wyoming continues to be a place where families want to raise their children. I grew up here, and have been growing my family here for 15 years.

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