City Council Q7

City Council Questionnaire

Question Seven

If you’re an incumbent:

Do you think the City Strategic Plan is on track? What have you done to help advance it? 

Is there anything you would modify?

As a current member of City Council, what contribution or achievement are you most proud of?

Daniel Driehaus

Yes. We have modified our Vision statement to include language supporting DEI/diversity. This is a direct change requested by our DEI Task Force. In addition, we have now adopted an annual update on DEI task force priorities. Rusty reported out actions in November of 2022 and is scheduled to do do this again in November of 2023. Density and walkability play a prominent role in our Community Plan. In addition, the Wyoming Ideals have included item #3, which is “A City for All” since 1997. It reads that we value our history of racial and religious harmony. This is increasingly seen through action steps. Plan updates are always relevant because we are a dynamic population. I think we should be proud of the principals laid out in our Strategic Planning Document, and even more so proud of the actions taken in Wyoming, as a result of listening to the needs of our society and our residents.

Grant Hoffman

No Response

Melissa Monich

I am inspired by Wyoming 2018 Master Plan, and it was a big reason why I was motivated to run for City Council two years ago. Two projects that I am very proud of have come directly from the master plan. First, the Village Green performance pavilion is called out in the master plan with a goal to enhance this community gathering space and to enhance economic development. We are just a few weeks away from its completion ! It will allow us to host more varied programming that we can all enjoy plus will drive more traffic to our local bars and restaurants. Second, the Compton side walk project addresses the Master Plan’s focus on community mobility. We have already received so many positive comments from the neighbors who are now able to safely walk on Compton.

Elena Pavel


Cindy Peebles


April Robles

Yes, I think that the City Strategic Plan is on track. It is a constant true North for the Council and City of Wyoming employees to refer to for rationale and guidance. I’ve encouraged all aspects to support the work that we do. I think one aspect that I would modify or at least draw more attention to is the theme around Ecological Stewardship and Sustainability. Wyoming can do even better in this area. When it comes to the environment, every little thing can help and if everyone in the community could make small incremental changes that can help the environment, it can make a huge impact in the future.

Jodi Woffington

It’s remarkable what has been accomplished from our city’s masterplan in a few short years, including 2 years impacted by a pandemic. The City Staff and Leadership has significant accomplishments under every objective in the strategic masterplan including SORTA and other County grants for road rehabilitation, hiring a communications manager to better disseminate information regarding news and events, fundraising and creating the new Crescent Park Universal Playground, rehabilitating the Civic Center and the list could go on. There is much to celebrate AND there is always more we can do to effect change.

Personally, I’ve worked with my colleagues to execute the Crescent Park Universal Playground, an extension of the hike/bike trail improving community mobility, the new City branding/design work and website, road reconstruction of Compton/Vermont, and green-lighting the new Brave Like Brayden Dog Park which will be launched in 2024. I have also been instrumental in, and very proud of, the renovation of the Village Green, including leading the subcommittees for fundraising and marketing. I believe this is a “once in a generation” project that will be transformative in both our economic development, as well as community inclusivity.

Chris Woodside

The strategic plan is very much on track and I’ve put myself right in the middle of any and all conversations pursuant to the advancement of the strategic plan. My ability to work with the entire council such that the Mayor and fellow council member incumbents have all endorsed me, despite any philosophical differences that may exist.

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