City Council Q8

City Council Questionnaire

Question Eight

If you’re a new candidate for City Council:

Do you think the City Strategic Plan is on track?  What would you do to help advance it? 

Is there anything you would modify?  

What do you think is missing from the current City Council composition to meet the

needs of the community?

Daniel Driehaus


Grant Hoffman

No Response

Melissa Monich


Elena Pavel

I believe the City Strategic Plan could benefit of an increased focus on financial accountability, safety, and modernization, without losing track in its strategy of what makes the city attractive to a significant part of its residents – the schools and education system. When developing and implementing the strategic plan, long term consequences should be carefully considered as what may seem a positive change now, could have a significant negative impact in the future.

I believe the current City Council composition is lacking a true non-partisan, independent, unbiased perspective, which has at heart and is acting solely for the good of the city and its residents, rather than acting in line with a certain political agenda or approach. I believe, true diversity starts with embracing and keeping an open mind to all ideas, of all people rather than following a specific agenda and ideology. This is why I am running as an independent with a sole focus on our city, for the good of the citizens, for the benefit of my neighbors.

Cindy Peebles

I am far too familiar with the fact that even annual budgets are continually met with challenges not yet considered, so course correction is always required. I suspect this is also true with the 10 year plan; however, it appears that the city and the council are endeavoring and successful in meeting its vision

April Robles


Jodi Woffington


Chris Woodside


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