City Council Q2

City Council Questionnaire

Question Two

In the survey less than 35% of minorities felt their perspectives were valued in Wyoming. If you were elected to City Council, what would you do to ensure all residents feel their perspectives are valued?

Nancy Averett

Since I was elected in 2019, I have continually asked that the city do more to reach out to a greater diversity of people in the city to serve on Wyoming’s boards and commissions. I would like to help develop a list of minorities candidate from different fields to have on hand for whenever we have a vacancy.

Daniel Driehaus

No response

Grant Hoffman

No response

Jenni McCauley

No response

Melissa Monich

I would improve the diversity of our City Committees and Commissions to reflect the representation of our citizens. Diversity on these bodies serves a lot of purposes – it gives an outlet to provide your perspective and opinion, it builds relationships throughout the community, and it allows the members to spread knowledge to their personal network of what Wyoming is working on. For the past 2 and a half years, I have served on the Wyoming Urban Forestry and Beautification Commission and have experienced all of these benefits, plus had the pride of delivering projects to build the beauty and pride in Wyoming.

Jim O’Reilly

Gathering insights from residents, see above

Elena Pavel

I believe all ideas and perspectives from the community should be given equal consideration. The City needs to communicate with its residents to understand why less than 35% of minorities feel their perspectives were valued. If elected, I will support the City’s efforts to outreach to the community. I will listen to everyone and I will try to find a solution with the residents and the City. It is important to build trust to ensure open communication and proactive solution seeking.

Shawn Price

No response

April Robles

I can honestly say that there are times that I have found myself a part of this group. I often think, should I say anything, and if I do, will it matter? As a proud Filipina-American, I’ve always had to speak up and advocate for myself and my family. I’ve learned that you do need to be brave to share your perspective and be vulnerable. If elected as a member of Wyoming City Council, I would work collaboratively with the other members of City Council to advocate for fellow minority residents. One way to do this is tap a variety of representatives to serve on city committees and commissions. I believe with a wider representation of residents on these various committees and commissions, more people, not just minorities will feel valued and included in our Wyoming Community. Diversity of thought and people can equate to innovation and opportunity.

Jennifer Linscott Smith

No response

Sarah Stankorb

This is a devastating statistic.

I think one key is making sure that we are actively recruiting people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, to take part in city decision-making. This would include encouraging folks to apply to commissions—something I do when I see openings but could be done in a more strategic way.

I also understand, from talking with older residents, that some healing of long-lasting hurt is necessary. We would all benefit from a broader education in Wyoming’s history in honest, positive ways that lift up the history of residents of color in our community too. We’re a place that takes great pride in its history, and the way we celebrate some of our founding generations should be far more inclusive. One model I’ve seen for this is applying for Ohio Humanities funding to produce a documentary or other sharable art to broaden the historical understanding of a place.

I also see great benefit in asking local grassroots organizers to help promote city surveys to ensure our data collection is comprehensive. I think it also means work like what WCIA has been doing with our city manager to help staff learn better means of recruiting for job openings and tapping a more diverse set of professional networks so, over time, our staff better reflects our community’s diversity. I also have and will continue trying to recruit more diverse candidates to run for office in Wyoming.

Last, I think it’s also on us as council members to intentionally place ourselves in more diverse groups—so if an issue arises, community members from all backgrounds feel comfortable just calling directly.

Chris Woodside

No response

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