City Council Q4

City Council Questionnaire

Question Four

In addition, less than 31% of respondents of all backgrounds felt that they can voice a contrary opinion without fear of negative consequences in our community. If you were elected to City Council, what would you do to ensure safety for differences of opinion?

Nancy Averett

Certainly, I would be protective of anyone wanting to come before the council to share ideas or concerns–unless they were espousing something immoral such as white supremacy. Having sat through a very contentious meeting in June 2020 where very well-meaning community members were attacked before they could voice their ideas, I can tell you that I would not tolerate that kind of behavior again. As a woman on Council, I’ve had other Council members try to intimidate or talk over me or be flat out antagonistic. I do not think these bullies should be tolerated and I will speak out against them.

Daniel Driehaus

No response

Grant Hoffman

No response

Jenni McCauley

No response

Melissa Monich

I would work with WCIA to identify groups that would like a larger voice or have contrary opinions and host listening sessions with City Council. My goal would be to make it easy for groups and individuals to share their concerns, and for them to have such a good experience that they would want to tell others about it. During my career at Procter & Gamble, I used this approach successfully to open communication and improve our organization’s culture over a 1-2 year timeframe.

Jim O’Reilly

Gathering insights from residents

Elena Pavel

No resident of Wyoming should fear of negative consequences when voicing a contrary opinion. The voice of each and every one matters, and every opinion or idea should be addressed with equal consideration. As City Council member, I will research to understand the potential sources of such perceptions of negative consequences and bring those to the attention of the City for proper mitigation.

Shawn Price

No response

April Robles

Difference in opinion is important to have. It is how we as a community are made stronger with that diversity of thought. What’s difficult in today’s society is having an amplified voice through social media.In addition, the diversity of thought and communicating those differences does not need to be done through intimidation. If I am elected to City Council, I would ensure that every voice is heard. Sometimes people need validation, other times they need solutions. Bottom line, I respect opinions and I am a good listener. One of the tools that I have used in my daily life is from what I learned by participating in Intergroup Dialogues.

Listen at core level

Affirm the speaker as a human being

Respond authentically (take other seriously)

Add own perspective/perspective of others, and/or Inquiry – dig deeper by choosing one of the following three approaches

  • Interrogating (may not feel friendly)
  • Curiosity
  • Affirming (preferred approach)

Utilizing this strategy has allowed me to have many meaningful conversations with friends and neighbors.

Jennifer Linscott Smith

No response

Sarah Stankorb

I think the first thing we can do on council is model respectful difference of opinion. I have done this well, I believe, over my two terms, working closely with various members of council—who do not necessarily share my worldview—to get things done where our goals overlap. I am willing to work with just about anyone who will show up and help the city.

I’d also work to reestablish norms in city meetings—residents and officials cannot be allowed to bombard or attack others.

Last, something I have been discussing with various community leaders for two years is coordinating the city, schools, businesses, residents, whomever is interested, in signing on to a Wyoming Charter for Compassion or kindness. Such a commitment could serve as an internal check when we ourselves spiral into agitation but could also help reset norms of respectful behavior within the community.

Chris Woodside

No response

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