City Council Q5

City Council Questionnaire

Question Five

What will be your top focus on City Council and how have your background, experience and skills prepared you to create change in your focus area?

Nancy Averett

My utmost priority is lowering our climate footprint. That may not sound like it has anything to do with diversity and inclusion ,but it does. If we do not stopping the planet’s rising temperatures, it will be people of color who will suffer the most because they have fewer resources and because of discriminatory housing laws of the past, they live in the more flood prone areas of cities or they live in urban areas with few trees and so suffer more from higher temperatures. I want to find ways to lower our carbon footprint and also help our neighboring communities–Lockland, Woodlawn, Hartwell, do the same.

Daniel Driehaus

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Grant Hoffman

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Jenni McCauley

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Melissa Monich

My top focus will be maintaining and improving Wyoming so that it continues to be a special place that people and businesses aspire to be part of. Our 2018 ten-year master plan is an excellent guide. This includes delivering big, long term projects like the Village Green project, and staying on top of local projects like replacing trees in your tree lawn and repairing sidewalks. I believe City Council is the steward for creating Wyoming’s future 20 years from now.

I served as a global vice president of research and development during my last 12 years at P&G. My team developed long term innovation strategies for our business units, I managed laboratories in the US, Europe, and Asia, and I worked with others to solve day to day business issues. I have developed a toolbox of strategies to make difficult business and budget decisions. I have a track record of working well with a diverse, global team of colleagues.

Throughout my career at P&G, I was deeply involved in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I co-led our global program to improve the advancement and retention of women in R&D. We were recognized with the CTO Pathfinder Award for our impressive gains in advancement and retention of women over a 15 year period. From 2011 through 2018, I sponsored the P&G LGBTQ affinity team for both the Boston site and global R&D.

Jim O’Reilly

Negotiations with state over Burns/Mills traffic changes from I-75 reconstruction; great experience on OKI and as Vice President of First Suburbs Consortium

Elena Pavel

My top focus will be modernization – to keep up with the latest technology and strategy trends (e.g. digitalization; cybersecurity; smart city). Keeping up with the newest trends will ensure Wyoming’s position as a safe community to live in and best educate our children. I’ve been fortunate to have lived and worked in many cities and cultures around the world. I have also worked with many organizations that had a strong involvement in the community, such as universities, museums, county parks, and local government. My experience and economics background (Ph.D. in Economics) give me a unique perspective and I would like to apply that to better our city and grow Wyoming together.

Shawn Price

No response

April Robles

My top focus would be to provide a diverse perspective and lens to the Wyoming City Council table. With that, the work from the Mayor’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force provided solid goals and metrics to enhance Wyoming through many aspects of operations and fiscal responsibility. This is just one example. Did you know that the City of Wyoming does not currently track spending towards Minority Owned Businesses and Women Owned Businesses? This is a missed opportunity to show other communities that we not only say we support diversity, but show we support diversity through fiscal goals and responsibility.

Most recently I served on the City of Wyoming, Mayor’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force. This was a very diverse group of Wyoming residents that worked together to present recommendations to the City Council. Throughout my professional work, I have served on several committees and task forces related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. On a more personal level, when the Pandemic hit, I knew it was important to help the members of our community who were the most vulnerable. I volunteered with Heartfelt Tidbits to deliver food to refugee families and organized outreach to ensure they had access to resources needed with such an abrupt shutdown.

All of these experiences have provided me an opportunity to hone my skills in leadership, organization, fundraising and community/relationship building.

Jennifer Linscott Smith

No response

Sarah Stankorb

I hope in this next term to tap partnerships the city already has established and add new ones in order to find funding to support more environmental work. In my previous, nonprofit career, I worked in manager and director roles within conservation organizations, including one that advocated for green jobs as professional onramps for at-risk youth. To date in Wyoming, I’ve championed Upcycle Day, diverting 29.7 tons of waste; helped create the Green Your Schools Mini-Grant and Green Business Award; earned a grant to start a compost program for the restaurants, schools, and community garden; and am working on a new residential compost pilot.

But the issue vexing many of our residents is a result of stormwater. We’re experiencing faster, more intense downpours that outstrip the capacity of our system. The options for resolution through MSD are helpful to an individual resident after at least two events, but also do not fix the whole. I am leading the Stormwater Study Group, which gathered flooding data, and now we aim to begin education on residential mitigation while researching green infrastructure options on city-owned property (and funding to pay for it). None of that comes easily. I’ve fostered a relationship with Green Umbrella, hoping to begin a model of grant-seeking across cities to help residents deal with the impact of these rains. Encouraging programs for which cities across the region are eligible for dollars could draw more funds and assist residents in Wyoming and neighboring cities who cannot afford the devastation of multiple in-home floods.

Chris Woodside

No response

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