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City Council Questionnaire

Question Six

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If you are a current City Council Member what contribution or achievement are you most proud of as a *City Council Board Member?

Nancy Averett

I convinced our city manager to switch our street lights to LEDs. Right now we pay $5,000 per month for electricity for those lights, but because LEDs are so energy efficient, our bill will drop immediately to $4,500 once the LEDs are installed and after five years of financing the changeover, the bill will plummet to $675/month for electricity. It’s a great win-win for the environment and the city’s pocketbook.

Jim O’Reilly

Achieved significant funding for infrastructure improvements

Sarah Stankorb

A little over two years ago, I learned there are zero Wyoming city playgrounds that are accessible to kids who use mobility-assistive devices or their family members.

As chair of the Buildings & Equipment, I held a meeting in which I turned the floor over to people who have disabilities and their families. They talked about what it feels like not to be included within Wyoming’s physical space.

Staff only needed to hear the reality. From there, we began meetings to brainstorm what a fully accessible playground would be like. We carefully went over each piece of equipment, to ensure we weren’t missing true accessibility in the last inch. I invited in our state representative, who fell in love with the project too. These were meetings full of opinionated kids testing turf, inspecting play equipment models, discussing what would be fun. There were also adults, strategizing what this improved space at Crescent Park would mean for our business district.

I met with our county commissioner to learn the state capital budget process and then worked with the involved residents to present our case. We also shared the idea with local officials, garnering letters of support from our neighboring cities, finding a true champion in our state representative (who ushered the project through the budget process), and a letter of support from our U.S. Congressman. In the end, Wyoming earned its first inclusion in living memory to the state capital budget (for $150,000). Added with a federal grant and local donations, we’ve raised over $300,000 total and the project will break ground next year. It will also serve as a model of accessibility for our other public spaces.

It’s a true example of how bringing new voices to the table, learning from them, and fighting for their vision can bring new promise to our community.

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