City Council Q7

City Council Questionnaire

Question Seven

If you are a new candidate for City Council, what do you think is missing from the current City Council composition to meet the needs of the community?

Daniel Driehaus

No response

Grant Hoffman

No response

Jenni McCauley

No response

Melissa Monich

I want to extend plenty of grace to our current City Council. They have had a challenging two year session with a pandemic, polarized politics, and a national reckoning on racial justice. My goal is to be part of a City Council where all members can focus on working together to make Wyoming an even better place for all of its citizens.

Elena Pavel

Communication and transparency between the community and the City and vice-versa, un-biased by political affiliation.

Empathetic community leaders – as a popular saying goes, “People may not remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel.”

Empathy contributes to positive relationships and greater sense of trust and unity, benefitting everyone in the community.

Shawn Price

No response

April Robles

I believe I exemplify a calm, level headed perspective that will ask questions, contribute to discussions, and find solid solutions to problems. I think it is important to work collaboratively while challenging fellow City Council members to come up with the best decision for the Wyoming Community. I will attack problems, not people. I encourage Wyoming residents to learn more about me as a candidate at and to reach out if you have any questions.  

Jennifer Linscott Smith

No response

Chris Woodside

No response

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