City Council

City Council Questionnaire

WCIA sent the following questions to every candidate, in order to help all members of our community become more informed voters. Published here are the complete text of all the responses we received.

The opinions expressed here are those of the candidates. WCIA is a non-partisan community organization providing these answers for the information of Wyoming voters.

You can select the button below to read all of the responses, or scroll down to see the responses to specific questions.

Question One

The WCIA survey found that two-thirds of residents acknowledge that incidents of racism, harassment and discrimination have occurred in Wyoming and only one-third of respondents think they have been dealt with appropriately. If you were elected to City Council, what would you do to address that perceived gap?

Question Two

In the survey less than 35% of minorities felt their perspectives were valued in Wyoming. If you were elected to City Council, what would you do to ensure all residents feel their perspectives are valued?

Question Three

Only one third of respondents of all backgrounds feel that all residents are treated equally in Wyoming. If elected to City Council what would you do to ensure Wyoming is a community where all residents are respected and treated equally?

Question Four

In addition, less than 31% of respondents of all backgrounds felt that they can voice a contrary opinion without fear of negative consequences in our community. If you were elected to City Council, what would you do to ensure safety for differences of opinion?

Question Five

What will be your top focus on City Council and how have your background, experience and skills prepared you to create change in your focus area?

Question Six

If you are a current City Council Member what contribution or achievement are you most proud of as a WCS Board Member?

Question Seven

If you are a new candidate for City Council, what do you think is missing from the current City Council composition to meet the needs of the community?

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