School Board Q9

School Board Questionnaire

Question Nine

What strengths and experiences would you bring that would enhance the Wyoming City School Board and what is your vision for the Wyoming City Schools for the next 3 years?

Joe Brinkman

I believe I would bring to the board a strong foundation in organizational leadership, a commitment to data-driven decision-making, and a proven ability to foster collaboration and consensus. My vision for the next three years is to solidify our district’s reputation as one of Ohio’s best, ensuring it remains a primary attraction for families moving to the area. I aim to help our educators build excellent academic programs, prioritize holistic student development, and cultivate stronger community ties. Emphasizing prudent financial stewardship, technology integration, and staff support will be fundamental to this mission. Ultimately, my goal is to continue making Wyoming an inclusive environment where every student thrives and our community feels a deep-rooted pride in its schools.

Michael Evans

As a resident of Wyoming since 2009, with 3 children who currently attend WMS and WHS, I have some first-hand knowledge of the schools. More importantly, I have 25 years of experience in education as a teacher, educational researcher, and faculty member with a specific area of expertise in family, school and community relationships. My work responsibilities and local, regional and national level connections in education help to keep me well informed about current educational trends and issues. This will be a great asset to the board as I will be able raise questions based on my knowledge of evidence-based practices in other districts. As I look over the questions posed in this survey, I see a need for the board to facilitate more open dialogue with ALL members of community and when policy permits promote greater transparency. Over the next 3 years I would like to collaborate with the BOE and move away from a narrow emphasis on community feedback and instead focus on community engagement to foster a district-wide culture of innovation and excellence.

Illya Thomas

I bring listening skills, commitment to collaboration, passion that our district remain highly rated while celebrating the diversity and excellence within our district that makes us great. I bring leadership, decision-making, bias to take actions that advance toward specific goals with detailed measures.

My vision for and commitment to the district is that we live into the WCS Strategic Plan:
Mission – cultivating innovative, student-centered educational programs and opportunities that foster the academic and personal development of every child
Vision – Engaged learners empowered with knowledge, perspective, and skills essential for success in a rapidly-changing world
Values – Academic Excellence; Character & Integrity; Belonging & Community; The Whole Child

maintaining focus on Teaching & Learning, Climate & Culture, Communication & Partnership, Social & Emotional Well Being, and Financial Stewardship. The details of the plan are available on the WCS website

Jeanie Zoller

I value my lifelong career as an educator. I began as a teacher, then librarian, add some years as a drama director, and now currently as a member of the Wyoming Board of Education. I am honored to serve. Honestly, it has been an eventful ride serving on this Board: finding a new superintendent, determining pandemic protocols, building a new strategic plan, holding collaborative negotiations, prioritizing a welcoming culture, hiring three new principals, extending the expected life of recent operating levies, and bringing a community together to envision new primary facilities.

I have grown from these experiences. I know that this community cares about its schools, wants them to be innovative, excellent, and inclusive. We want to create a safe space where our children and grandchildren discover their potential, and strive to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and responsible citizens.

Our future priorities are of course improving the primary facilities. That will include a bond levy. We have not run an operating levy since 2017 and have spent money carefully but I expect an operating levy in the next three years. Our strategic plan scorecard will help us stay focused on our prioritized initiatives. I fear there will be more time directed to lobbying for fair funding of public schools. The next board will know the road to Columbus. I look forward to future challenges and collaboration with our dynamic Board. I am proud of the work we have done. We move forward knowing that it is a great day to be a cowboy.

John Feldmeier

I have been a board member on the Wyoming Board of Education since June 2022. Prior to that time, I served two terms on the Wyoming City Schools’ Citizens Advisory Committee. And I have been an active parent volunteer for all three levels of my children’s education, as well as a coach for many years in Wyoming recreational youth sports. I am an engaged and careful listener, a critical and independent thinker, and a passionate and dedicated supporter of our public schools.

In terms of a vision, I seek to promote a consistent ethic of excellence and inclusiveness in all aspects of the Wyoming School District. I will continue to work to ensure that our strategic values are applied universally throughout the various venues within the district. The standards and values we promote and enforce in our classrooms during the school day should be equally applied to school activities that occur after the bell rings. In the end, I believe we should strive to promote an ethos of “One Wyoming.”

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