School Board Q6

School Board Questionnaire

Question Six

If you are an incumbent school board member, what contribution or achievement are you most proud of as a WCS Board Member?

Kara Broderick

I am most proud of the collaboration of our Board to hire Superintendent, Tim Weber. We worked to professionalize the months-long search and listened to all stakeholders through focus groups, surveys, and a community forum. It was informative and led us to hire a leader who moved here with a level of commitment to kids that has been transformative. As a board member, I have learned just how much leadership matters. The person at the helm sets the stage for everything positive that can happen in a district. In just a short time and during a pandemic, Tim Weber has built strong relationships with teachers, emphasized alignment in our curriculum, championed the student experience and a culture of belonging, strengthened our hiring practices to attract top-notch principals and teachers, opened a new athletic facility, and provided needed staff and structure to realize the vision of the new Research and Innovation Center (RIC) in our high school. These are just a few of the ways Tim Weber has begun to impact our district. One of the reasons I feel strongly about running for re-election is that I believe our current Board recognizes his impact. He is only getting started and when a collaborative Board is aligned in trust with a strong educational leader, we can move our district forward in some exciting new ways.

Justin Buckner

As I am new to the board in the past 3 months I do not have many examples, but I am very pleased that we were able to return our students to school – in person. To do this we followed the science and the experts determined and we agreed that making K-12 was the safest way to return all kids to in person learning. This passed in our August board meeting and has gone very well.

Heather Yee

The achievement of which I am most proud is the entire process surrounding the hiring of our Superintendent, Tim Weber. Our team was aligned to ask questions, have listening sessions, evaluate community needs and we were highly functioning together. We knew and respected the task of finding the next educational leader for Wyoming. My contribution was individualized in that we each determined what we thought the needs were for the school district and we then had many community listening sessions. Our final step in the process was to aggregate the feedback to create one focus to use for our search. From there, we were able to create a list of top skills and traits that would best fit the vision of our schools and we worked on relevant interview questions. The Board of Education was presented with a number of qualified applicants. We each took time to read through all materials and rank who would be interviewed. Through the entire process, we had thorough discussions, debate and conversation so that we could all come to an agreement with who would be the best fit for our school. We functioned very well together with the best intentions for our overall community. I am proud to say we found an incredible leader who truly looks out for the students and our entire district by looking how we can be better every day.

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