School Board Q7

School Board Questionnaire

Question Seven

If you are a new candidate for the school board what do you think the current Board is missing and needs for the next few years?

Mona Berkemeyer

No response

Justin Buckner

I’d like to see intention around more deeply engaging citizens without kids in the district. That is a large population in Wyoming and hearing their thoughts and ideas and seeing their engagement increase will be a lift for the schools.

Solid long term plan on primary facilities. Plans will need to be put in place on how to set up our primary school population for future success. Aging buildings, class sizes, are making this a priority. As this is a priority concerted thought and strategy is already being put around the topic. For example, there is a Wyoming Citizens Advisory Committee group partnering with our facilities leader studying this topic and their findings will be a key source of input into this important work.

Jennifer Dillhoff

No response

Michael Evans

School boards function best when there is diversity of thought and a combination of individuals with complimentary skills and knowledge. The board needs to be a collection of independent thinkers who are willing to work collaboratively to meet the needs of the district and community. What I bring to the table is over 20 years of experience in the field of education. My specific area of professional expertise is family, school and community partnerships, which would certainly complement the district’s current efforts to develop a new strategic plan and enhance efforts to become more open and transparent.

Lauren Keith

No response

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