School Board Q8

School Board Questionnaire

Question Eight

What strengths and experiences would you bring that would enhance the Wyoming City School Board and what is your vision for the Wyoming City Schools for the next 3 years?

Mona Berkemeyer

No response

Kara Broderick

I think the most important experience I bring is four years of dedicated service as a member of the Board of Education, as its Vice President, and as a collaborator who listened to the community to hire and support a top-notch Superintendent and Treasurer. I bring more than 13 years as a parent and active volunteer in Wyoming schools in every building level of our district. This experience has connected me to teachers, principals, and children for many years. To combine this experience with what I have learned about school finance, our stakeholders, and the management of a school district adds to the depth of the questions I can ask as well as to my overall ability to discern important information or concerns. As well, I bring many years of professional experience in the field of higher education communications, development, and alumni relations. The experience of building relationships by listening to what stakeholders value and then matching their wishes with the goals of the institution is an experience that I have drawn upon many times as a member of the Board. This work of building bridges and being a conduit of communication in the world of education has been part of my entire adult life. It is work that I love. As past President of the Wyoming School Music Association, I am passionate about the arts and proud of Wyoming’s reputation as a leader in arts education. As an active participant in the Belonging and Inclusion Collaborative (BIC), I am passionate about our schools’ efforts to build a school experience where all kids are valued and each thrive. In thinking of the future, I truly believe we are at a point of launch. Despite the pandemic, our district has moved forward in building a framework that includes long-range financial and academic planning, listening to student voice and the needs of teachers. This framework is essential to collaborating with the community once again in designing a strategic plan that will direct what a Wyoming education looks like for the next generation. It is this framework combined with a high degree of trust in the Superintendent our community chose that allows us to be open, to celebrate what we have, and to welcome positive change. We have a clear focus on maintaining excellence but in a way that is more personalized to the needs of each student. As we emerge and continue to learn from the pandemic, I envision that the efforts of our Superintendent, Treasurer, new building leaders, and teachers will become increasingly apparent. I see a new fearlessness and desire to collaborate on areas where we need to improve and grow.We are poised to do amazing things for kids and I look forward to building bridges, proudly stewarding our tradition of financial excellence, and championing a district and community I love.

Justin Buckner

I came from a family who deeply valued the importance of education and knew the benefit of living in a great school district such as Wyoming.

I will focus on continuing the tradition that Wyoming has earned for having a great educational system and I’ll work to keep our competitive advantage and strive for excellence in everything we do with all children.

With over 25 years of business and human resources experience, over 20 years of experience volunteering in Wyoming, over 6 years serving on several boards, and 3 years living internationally, I know what it takes to solicit diverse points of view, unite people to find solutions to move Wyoming forward and keep the district being and being know as one that is excellent in education.

Jennifer Dillhoff

No response

Michael Evans

As an Assoicate Professor of Family, School and Communtiy Connections at Miami University, I have worked with over a thousand students including teachers, social workers, curriculum directors, principals and superintendents. I understand how school boards work and am knowledgeable about the current challenges facing public education. In addition to my day-to-day professional work I have spent the last four months participating in a variety of webinars and trainings so that I will be ready to hit the ground running. I am ready to use my professional expertise to work in collaboration with the other board members, the WCS administration, and local community members to make sure that Wyoming maintains and grows its reputation for excellence in education. I am always amazed by the number of people we know who were raised in Wyoming and left Ohio, only to return in order to raise their families and attend the local schools. Over the next 3 years I will work to ensure that the students in our district have a similar positive experience so that one day they too might consider returning to raise their families in this great city.

Lauren Keith

No response

Heather Yee

The role of serving our community as a Board of Education Member for the past four years has provided a wealth of experience that I would bring to the position, if elected to serve again. Being a part of the ongoing financial, facility and student achievement conversations alone brings a historical and informed position. My strengths are listening, evaluating information and engaging in meaningful conversations with community members when asked. As for the vision for Wyoming City Schools for the next three years, I would say that will be driven by the Strategic Plan. We are embarking on getting community perspective and focused on the four goal areas of Teaching and Learning, Climate and Culture, Communication and Financial Stewardship. My vision would be for that Strategic Plan to come to fruition based on the feedback received and to continue with striving to be the best district we can be by continually improving and looking for opportunities for growth and celebration. 

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