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School Board Questionnaire

WCIA sent the following questions to every candidate, in order to help all members of our community become more informed voters. Published here are the complete text of all the responses we received.

The opinions expressed here are those of the candidates. WCIA is a non-partisan community organization providing these answers for the information of Wyoming voters.

You can select the button below to read all of the responses, or scroll down to see the responses to specific questions.

Question One

Mental health problems are on the rise among adolescents and young adults. According to a recent study published by the American Psychological Association, rates of mood disorders and suicide-related outcomes have increased significantly over the last decade in these age groups. What should the school system do to help students who are suffering from loneliness and depression?

Question Two

What would be your definition of Inclusive Education and what are your views on inclusive education and examining the intersection of race, disability, gender, and sexual orientation and school policies to determine the impact on student performance?

Question Three

Student access to resources and opportunities within the schools is an important value in the Wyoming community.  According to the recent WCS Citizens Advisory Committee report on Gifted Education, a common challenge for US schools is that there is a lack of proportional representation in Gifted Education for groups differing in racial, cultural, linguistic, and economic factors.  If you were elected to the Wyoming Board of Education, what steps would you take to ensure all high achieving/gifted students are appropriately identified?

Question Four

In CommUNITY conversations, the district has communicated the possibility of re-aligning elementary buildings according to grade level. Would you support these measures, particularly if they have a positive impact on making Wyoming more equitable and inclusive?

Question Five

The WCIA survey from a few years ago found that while two-thirds of residents acknowledge that incidents of racism, harassment and discrimination have occurred in the past, only one-third think they have been dealt with appropriately.  If elected to the WCS Board what would you do to prevent racism, harassment and discrimination in our schools and to address them appropriately when reported to administration? In your view, how would the recommendations of the Citizens Advisory Committee report on Bullying be applicable here? 

Question Six

How can Wyoming hold true to its values to promote DEI even if the Ohio Department of Education and lawmakers take strides making this more difficult (e.g., curriculum restrictions, censorship / book bans, etc).  What would you do to support educators and administrators hoping to live up to those values?

Question Seven

If you are an incumbent school board member, what have you done to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in WCS?

Question Eight

If you are a new candidate for the School Board, what have you done in your community or professional life to advance diversity, equity and inclusion?

Question Nine

What strengths and experiences would you bring that would enhance the Wyoming City School Board and what is your vision for the Wyoming City Schools for the next 3 years?

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